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What is Ness-Engine?

Ness-engine is a scene-oriented, efficient and flexible 2D rendering engine.

It is written in C++ with a clean oop design, and provide rich functionality for rapid game development. Ness-Engine holds the perfect balance between abundance of features and a simple, straightforward API.


It's a rendering engine, for indie developers.

Do not be confused: ness-engine is not a game engine nor a "game maker" of any sort. It is a rendering library designed for indie developers who want to create awesome 2D games. You must have at least basic understanding of C++ to use Ness-Engine.


Can I use it for my commercial games?

Absolutely. ness-engine is distributed under the permissive zlib license. you can check it out here.


The license also gives you permission to modify the engine itself and create your own versions of it without having to share it.


Key features

ness-engine can be summed up to these 5 key features:

  • Extremly easy: with just few lines of codes you can make pretty impressive stuff. check out this 100 lines of code game!

  • Scene-oriented: the engine is based on scenes, nodes and entites. this gives you great flexibility and opens up a new world of amazing features.

  • Cross-platform: the engine is based on SDL2 and should work on any OS. 

  • Flexible: you can easily extend the engine by creating new entities and node types and integrate them into the engine.

  • Fast: the engine is highly optimized and give very good performance and FPS count. these optimizations include automatic culling, transformations cache, and much more.


you can read about more specific features ness-engine has to offer here!


[The most awesome 2D rendering engine you'll ever see!]

SDL2 integrated

Ness-engine uses SDL2, so besides the rendering features you are also covered with input, sounds and more.


So why Ness-engine?

I've worked with at least dozens of rendering engines myself, and if you are a hard-working enthusiastic developer like myself, I think I know what you want from your rendering engine:


You want to be in charge. don't you hate it when rendering engines force you to use annoying overly-complicated classes that push you into their own design? and what's the deal with all those engines that take over your main loop and give you no control over it?  with ness-engine you won't be having those kind of shenanigans. Ness-Engine keeps you in charge, let you have your own design and way of things. I believe a graphic engine should focus on the graphics and do the dirty work, not take over the entire project design.


You like getting treats. built-in mutable z-ordering? checked. lighting system? checked. render to textures? checked. particles? checked. transformations and special effects? checked.  animations & sprite-sheets? double checked. ness-engine is full with delicious surprises that will make your game development easy as pie. and if you don't like them you can always write your own alternatives and integrate them into the engine with ease!


You want your memory managed. memory management can be a nightmare and memory-related bugs are the worse! with Ness-Engine everything is managed and you will never have to worry about memory ever again!


You want fast learning curve. nothing more satisfying than to ace a new technology in just few hours and create amazing things with it! Ness-Engine is so easy to learn, in few hours from now you will be knees-deep in your game development, thinking how did you get this far and when was the last time you ate?

So what are you waiting for? let's begin!

Help ness-engine grow!

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