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Ness-Engine releases

This is what you need to download to start developing games with Ness-Engine!


Download Latest Version


Windos (x86 / x64):

Windows (x86 / x64) alternative link: IndieDB

Mac OS x: TBD

Linux: TBD


Download Older Versions (not recommended)



Download Examples

The following are several example projects you can download to check out Ness-Engine. they come with their own distribution of Ness-Engine and should work out of the box.


Download Latest Examples


Windos (x86 / x64):

Mac OS x: TBD

Linux: TBD


Source Code

NessEngine source can be found here.

You can clone it using the following git command:

git clone


What next?

After downloading ness-engine you should continue to read tutorial pages.

Help ness-engine grow!

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