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Showing the basics of the tilemap scene node with some editing options. this is a very basic tiles editor.

Most basic 'Hello World' application with ness-engine.



The following are neat demo projects that will help you understand ness-engine. you can click on a demo to view its source code on github, or you can download a package with all the examples from the download page.


Note: all the example projects are included in the ness-engine source code.


This example shows how to use the znode - a scene node that arrange entities automatically based on z-index.

A simple 2 players game made with ness-engine.

Illustrates how to use the lighting-node, a scene node that creates basic lighting from textures.

This example shows how to play with cameras and creating a parallax scrolling effect with several layers.

Example on how to create a customized sprite that has real-time 3d lighting effect.

Illustrates how to use the built-in text object. with SDL_ttf integrated, you can easily create multi-lined text and manipulate it.

With just a minor change from the Tilemap example, we get a very cool isometric tilemap editor. 

Mini "rpg-like" game, that combines sprite animation, 3d and flat lightings, projectiles, and tilemap.

A full functioning game with only 100 lines of code! (see file 100_lines_of_code.cpp)

Special scene node with amazing optimization for static entities. boost up FPS like crazy.

An example showing the Animators objects and how to animate sprites.

An example showing the particles system and how to create cool effects.

Help ness-engine grow!

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